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Rising Authoritarian Populism: How Should Bioethics Respond?

Across the world, an authoritarian and exclusionary form of populism is gaining political traction, challenging constitutional democracies. The field of bioethics has a significant contribution to make to rebuilding the communal and civic foundations upon which constitutional democracy rests, write Hastings Center president Mildred Solomon and senior advisor Bruce Jennings.


How Should Regulations Protect People from Unproven Stem Cell Treatments?

Hundreds of stem cells clinics around the country offer medical therapies that have not been tested for safety and effectiveness, and some patients have been harmed. Contributing to the problem are gaps in federal regulations. Specifically, there is disagreement about whether stem cells used in therapy need Food and Drug Administration approval because the cells come from a patient’s own body, Hastings Center research scholar Karen Maschke told Kaiser Health News.


When Research Volunteers Complain of Mistreatment, What’s Fair?

When research volunteers complain of mistreatment, oversight bodies usually rely on records kept by the research team to investigate what happened. But as Hastings Center Fellow Carl Elliott points out, this is a mistake, since the records usually exclude information from the research volunteer’s perspective. While not every research subject who thinks that he or she has been mistreated is correct, “it is important for research subjects with complaints to feel as if oversight bodies have treated them fairly,” Elliott argues. “It is difficult to imagine anyone feeling fairly treated if an oversight body will not even allow the person to speak.”

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