A Dutch Euthanasia Pioneer Surveys the Wreckage and Despairs

by Michael Cook of BioEdge “If there is anyone who could be called a patron saint of Dutch euthanasia, it is the psychiatrist Boudewijn Chabot. In 1991 he gave one of his patients, Mrs B, a lethal dose of medication. After accompanying her until she died he reported himself to the police and was subsequently […]

The First Year of California’s Assisted Suicide: Over 500 Prescriptions

by Xavier Symons of BioEdge “Over 500 people have been prescribed life-ending drugs since physician assisted suicide was legalised in California in June last year, according to statistics released by Compassion and Choices. The pro-euthanasia lobby group is celebrating the positive reception of the laws among healthcare providers and the general public, writing in press […]


One Year of the California End of Life Option Act

On June 10, 2017 “Compassion and Choices” released the following statement: “Today marks one year since the End of Life Option Act took effect and medical aid in dying became available in California. Compassion & Choices has been tracking the progress and we’re happy to report that implementation of the law has been a huge […]