O’Malley Chair William Desmond to speak on Assisted Suicide

The LMU Bioethics Institute presents the Austin and Ann O’Malley Chair Lecture by world-renown philosopher and Visiting Austin and Ann O’Malley Chair William Desmond on the topic of “Chattel of the gods: Assisted Suicide and the Politics of Patience.”

In June of 2016, the End of Life Option Act made it possible for California residents to avail themselves of the choice to end their own life. The debate so far has emphasized the clinical and legal aspects of the newly introduced “aid in dying” legislation. However, deeper questions are at stake: Our lives are our own but do we own our lives? Are our lives disposable by ourselves? Is there something received not only about our lives but also our deaths? Is there an ethical care for life that is inseparable from a fundamental patience towards what comes at the end of life? How does assisted suicide stand in relation to such questions and what seems like a paradox: a politics of patience? In addressing such questions, Professor Desmond will throw into relief the deeper complexities involved in the ethics of physician assisted suicide.

This lecture is part of the Bioethics Austin and Ann O’Malley Chair Lecture Series (click here for more information about the Lecture Series).

A reception will follow the event in the east atrium of University Hall.

About William Desmond
Professor Desmond, a native of Ireland, is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). For spring 2017, he will be the O’Malley Visiting Chair at the LMU Bioethics Institute.

The work of Prof. Desmond is truly breathtaking, and addresses questions in metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of religion, and political theory.  The author of over 20 books and countless scholarly articles, he is, as Paul Weiss put it, “the leading philosopher of his generation.”

His latest book is titled The Intimate Universal, published by Columbia University Press 2017. His other publications include, The Intimate Strangeness of Being. Metaphysics after Dialectic; God and the Between; Ethics and the Between; Being and the Between; Beyond Hegel and Dialectic: Speculation, cult, and comedy; Philosophy and its Others: Ways of Being and Mind; and Desire, Dialectic, and Otherness: An Essay on Origins.

To Attend
This lecture is free and open to the public. Campus parking fees will apply.

Below are photos taken at Dr. Desmond’s previous lectures at LMU on the Irish mind and the future of Irish studies at LMU.

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