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One Year of the California End of Life Option Act

On June 10, 2017 “Compassion and Choices” released the following statement: “Today marks one year since the End of Life Option Act took effect and medical aid in dying became available in California. Compassion & Choices has been tracking the progress and we’re happy to report that implementation of the law has been a huge […]


Is It Time to Move the Moral Line in Human Embryo Research?

“Ali Brivanlou, a developmental biologist at Rockefeller University, spoke at The Hastings Center last week about cutting-edge research in his lab and elsewhere on human embryos and “synthetic embryos” created with pluripotent stem cells. This research could lead to medical benefits, such as the growth of human organs for transplantation, but it also raises a […]

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Recent News from The Hastings Center

Below is a link to the full page of articles. Full Page Below Are links to each of the individual Hastings Center articles with a brief description of what each is about. Rising Authoritarian Populism: How Should Bioethics Respond? Across the world, an authoritarian and exclusionary form of populism is gaining political traction, challenging constitutional […]