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Could Charlie Gard’s case happen in the United States?

by Susan Scutti CNN July 6, 2017 “(CNN) A beautiful boy born 11 months ago is dying in London. The world watches as his parents battle to keep their child alive. Courts will not allow the hospital to release the baby, Charlie Gard, into the parents’ custody so they can travel to try an experimental treatment. Across […]


Has Physician-Assisted Death Become the “Good Death?”

by Frank G. Miller The Hastings Center May 30, 2017 “Death with dignity” for the past 40 years has meant, for many people, avoiding unwanted medical technology and dying in a hospital.  A “natural” death at home or in a hospice facility has been the goal.   During the last 20 years, physician-assisted suicide has been […]


At His Own Wake, Celebrating Life and the Gift of Death

by Catherine Porter May 25, 2017 New York Times “VICTORIA, British Columbia — Two days before he was scheduled to die, John Shields roused in his hospice bed with an unusual idea. He wanted to organize an Irish wake for himself. It would be old-fashioned with music and booze, except for one notable detail — […]