Student Spotlight: Alex Duvoisin

Why did you choose LMU’s Bioethics graduate program? As an undergraduate I majored in Philosophy and was fascinated by the ways in which normative arguments formed the foundations of the rules that govern our societies. I was drawn to bioethics because it applies these ethical theories to real world situations in which the “right” thing […]


Student Spotlight: Aliza Grossman

Why did you choose LMU’s Bioethics graduate program? Choosing LMU was very simple. I was in the middle of my first year at Loyola Law School when a family friend told me about the LMU Bioethics Institute so I did some research and went to one of the talks held on campus. I remember leaving […]

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Recent News from The Hastings Center

Below is a link to the full page of articles. Full Page Below Are links to each of the individual Hastings Center articles with a brief description of what each is about. Rising Authoritarian Populism: How Should Bioethics Respond? Across the world, an authoritarian and exclusionary form of populism is gaining political traction, challenging constitutional […]