Student Spotlight: Alex Duvoisin

Alex Duvoisin is in the second year of his Master’s in Bioethics and will graduate this May. He is also the Graduate Assistant at the Bioethics Institute and the curator of the Bioethics Hub.  Why did you choose LMU’s Bioethics graduate program? As an undergraduate I majored in Philosophy and was fascinated by the ways […]


Student Spotlight: Aliza Grossman

Aliza Grossman is in her final year of the Master of Arts in Bioethics program and will graduate in May. She earned her J.D. from Loyola Law School in May of 2016.  Why did you choose LMU’s Bioethics graduate program? Choosing LMU was very simple. I was in the middle of my first year at […]

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Recent News from The Hastings Center

Below is a link to the full page of articles. Full Page Below Are links to each of the individual Hastings Center articles with a brief description of what each is about. Rising Authoritarian Populism: How Should Bioethics Respond? Across the world, an authoritarian and exclusionary form of populism is gaining political traction, challenging constitutional […]